Our Story

At Ici, we are committed to supporting local farmers. We proudly use Soul Food eggs as well as Straus Organic and Clover Organic dairy. Seasonal fruit is brought to us by local farmers as well as purchased at farmers markets and other local organic vendors. A few of the many farms we buy from include: Catalan, Blossom Bluff, Lucero Farms, Masumoto Family Farm, Lagier Ranch, Truffleburt Farm.

We buy our vanilla beans and extract from The Vanilla.Company.

In an effort to lessen our environmental impact we have taken steps to reduce the amount of waste we generate. About 98% of our waste produced during production is either composted or recycled, and all of our packaging and disposable wares are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our ice cream cups and bowls are made from Bagasse, which is derived from sugar cane fibers. It is either grown or recovered as crop residue. Our spoons are made from a biopolymer of U.S.A. grown corn. We use cellophane packaging for our candies which is certified biodegradable, and is derived from cellulose which is produced from wood and cotton. To wrap our ice cream sandwiches we use a metallic wrapper which is a biodegradable, cellulose and eucalyptus based film. Our clear drink cups are produced from byproduct of the corn industry, lactic acid created from the dextrose in corn is made into PLA plastic. Our coffee cups are made with a PLA lining, making them compostable and biodegradable. For more information about our packaging, go to Excellent Packaging.